40 Stories is a podcast hosted by me, Lou S Chain, forty. Being no longer young, but not yet old is sobering and unsettling. The concept for this show grew out of my discomfort as I nudged my way towards the big 4-0. Over the course of the next year I will interview forty 40-year-olds and attempt to glean some insights about how to gracefully inhabit this new age. By forty a person has lived long enough to have a story worth telling. It might be one of beautiful triumph, or constant struggle, the experience of heart-wrenching loss or of beating the odds. Maybe it’s a story of great privilege, or being stuck in survivor mode, or floating through life with luck and grace. Most likely it is some nuanced combination of these, and there is wisdom in the details.

No matter what your age, come along for a chat with an eclectic cross section of 40-year-olds, as we seek peace in our similarities and perspective through our differences.